El golfet a rustic cove in calella de palafrugell

You will have noticed that we have been talking for a few days about beaches and coves within our borders (La Granadella, Sant Francesc cove, the beaches of El Vendrell…), without paying much attention to the rest of the world. This has a very simple explanation: we can’t resist the charm of the Spanish coast! That’s why today we also want to stay within our borders, specifically on the Costa Brava.

As you know, the Costa Brava has become one of the most popular tourist areas in Spain and it’s no wonder, as it has beautiful beaches that are hard to find anywhere else on the planet. One of the most beautiful is in Calella de Palafrugell and is called the Golfet cove. Would you like to explore this beautiful spot?

Rustic character

El Golfet is a spectacular beach that has preserved its rustic and picturesque character. Set back from the centre of Calella de Palafrugell and located at the foot of a cliff, it is the southernmost beach in the town, just before reaching the town of Mont-ràs. Its incredible beauty is very different from the rest of the coves in the municipality, which is perhaps why it is one of the most unknown in the area.

Vegetation, water and sand

The Golfet cove is surrounded by lush vegetation and flanked by Punta d’Els Forcats and Cap Roig. Despite its small size (it is only 75 metres long and 20 metres wide) and the fact that it has no services of any kind, it is well worth a visit. Its sand is coarse and golden and its waters, as you can imagine, are crystal clear. As if that were not enough, in the distance you can see the Formigues Islands, which contribute even more to the beauty of the area.

Ideal for diving enthusiasts

It is also the ideal place for scuba diving and snorkelling lovers, who will be able to explore the seabed between its rocks.

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