Cala figuera in mallorca

Cala Figuera is one of the most incredible places to be found in Mallorca, the most saturated island of all the Balearic Islands. It is one of the clearest examples that beauty still exists there despite the overcrowding. It is possible to relax and enjoy nature while the sea breeze caresses your skin. The sea water, as you would expect, is crystal clear.

The hotels located in Cala Figuera offer a total of 1,427 beds between this area and Cala Santanyí, a very close area that is also worth visiting for its beauty. In fact, both belong to Santanyí, a town located in the Migjorn region.
Cala Figuera has a coastline of 35 kilometres. It is full of coves for tourist use and others that form part of the Mondragó Natural Park, a place with a lot of magic. In Santanyí, on the other hand, we can find numerous coves and old fishing ports, such as the Port of Cala Figuera, which used to be a refuge for pirates and important smugglers of the time.

Obviously, this is a very romantic place, a place with history where you can enjoy a complete holiday in Majorca. Relaxation and enjoyment are guaranteed, the only thing you have to do is to go there and let the minutes pass contemplating the local flora and fauna.

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