Escorxada cove south menorca beach

Cala Escorxada Menorca
Would you like to continue discovering the spectacular beaches of our marvellous Balearic Islands? Well, as your wish is our command, today we would like to tell you about Cala Escorxada, a small natural bay located in the southwest of Menorca, in the municipality of Es Migjorn.

Like many other beaches on the island, this beautiful cove offers crystal clear waters and white sands, with the advantage that it is less frequented than others. Would you like to get to know Cala Escorxada in more depth? Well, now you know what you have to do! Don’t miss anything we tell you below!

A beach of difficult access

There are many beaches in Minorca that are characterised by their paradisiacal landscape, but few offer the tranquillity of Cala Escorxada which, as it is difficult to reach (it has no road access), is not very popular. In fact, to get there you have to cross a difficult road that starts in Binigaus and access by bike is practically impossible.

Cala Escorxada Menorca1

A place of great beauty

Thanks to its difficult access, the beach is preserved in its natural state, offering a place of great beauty, where, in addition to the crystal clear waters and golden sand, we can find medium-height cliffs with lush vegetation. As for the water, it offers an exceptional level of purity, making it an ideal place for diving or snorkelling.

Some tourist boats

Although it is a very quiet beach, you should bear in mind that, from time to time, some boats leave some tourists on the sand who crowd the area. Fortunately, this only happens on rare occasions. We leave you with our gallery below, where you will find more images of this beautiful beach located in Menorca. Don’t miss it!

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