10 pink sand beaches

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a paradisiacal beach? Probably turquoise waters, palm trees, fine sand… It’s the closest thing to the Caribbean, which is undoubtedly the area that enjoys the best reputation worldwide when it comes to spectacular beaches. However, it has to be said that that mental image may change when you finish reading this article, as I show you 10 pink sand beaches that you will fall head over heels in love with.

There are not many of this type in the whole world, but despite this I dare not say that they are the only ones that exist. What is clear is that some are pinker than others and that everything has an explanation. Experts say that it happens when waves, water currents or fish break the coral reefs, something that can be confirmed by analysing the sand of some of these beaches, where it is easy to find red foraminifera.

Spiaggia Rosa (Budelli, Italy)

Spiaggia-RosaIn a country as beautiful as Italy there is one of those beaches whose sand is the unusual colour of pink. Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach) is on the island of Budelli, near the Strait of Bonifacio, in the north of Sardinia. Its sand shares space with coral, granite and mollusc shells that accumulate. The pink colour is due to the micro-organisms that live in the posidonia meadows, the same micro-organisms that detach from their skeleton or shell when they die. It is then that the water and the wind come into action to break them up, creating this special colour. The scenery is so beautiful that the director Michelangelo Antonioni decided to film some of the scenes of the film ‘The Red Desert’ (1964) on this beach.

Elafonisi (Crete, Greece)

Elafonisi-CretaGreece’s largest beach, which is also the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea, is another pink paradise visited by thousands of tourists year after year. It is in the west of the island of Crete and could be defined as a kind of natural swimming pool that preserves its landscape to the thousand wonders, since we could say that it is practically virgin. Although it is somewhat far from the city, it is well worth the walk to get there.

More information about Elafonisi: Elafonisi, the best beach in Greece.

Bálos (Crete, Greece)

Balos-CretaWithout leaving Crete, but moving from the southwest to the northwest, the beach of Bálos and its lagoon are a feast for the eyes. It is located between the capes of Gramvousa and Tigali, in a privileged place to enjoy nature. Its crystal clear waters and pink sand attract the attention of tourists, who arrive by ferry from the port of Kissamos. If you have the possibility of arriving by another route, I recommend that you get up early to lay your towel down early and enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. It is worth enjoying the spectacle in peace and quiet, with all five senses.

More information about Bálos: Balos Beach and Lagoon, a turquoise paradise in Crete.

Pink Sand Beach (Harbour Island, Bahamas)

Pink-Sands-Beach-Harbour-IslandWe leave Europe and fly to the Caribbean, where the Bahamas are undoubtedly the refuge of those who travel in search of sun and paradisiacal beaches. At Pink Sand Beach, which is on Harbour Island, the pink colour of the sand is exaggeratedly beautiful. It’s 5.6 kilometres long by 2.4 kilometres wide and is worth savouring with a refreshing stroll along the shore. You can look out to the horizon to take in the beauty of the landscape, look down to etch the colour of the sand in your mind, or look sideways for turquoise waters and greenery. Whichever you choose, you will smile.

More information about Harbour Island: Harbour Island, the pink beach of the Bahamas.

Pantai Merah (Komodo, Indonesia)

Pantai-Merah-KomodoIn Indonesia, a country that is increasingly attracting tourists and threatening to take the throne from Thailand, this pink sand beach is on the island of Komodo, famous for being the habitat of the fearsome Komodo dragons. The surrounding green hills and cliffs complete the spectacle, as well as being a highly recommended spot for snorkellers and scuba divers, as it is possible to see many species of fish.

More information about Pantai Merah: The pink beach of the island of Komodo in Indonesia.

Tangsi (Lombok, Indonesia)

Tangsi-LombokAlso in Indonesia is Tangsi beach, although in this case on the island of Lombok, which according to some tourism experts could become the new Bali. It has to be said that the pink colour of its sand is not as obvious as that of Pantai Merah or other beaches on this list, but that doesn’t mean that the locals don’t know it as “the pink beach”.

Great Santa Cruz (Philippines)

Great-Santa-Cruz-pink-beachWe continue in Asia, but this time we go to the Philippines to discover a beach with pink sand located in Great Santa Cruz, which is a small island situated in the south of the archipelago. To get there you have to go through the city of Zamboanga, where about a million people live. Bear in mind that visits to the beach are day trips where you can sunbathe, swim, snorkel… Be careful, though, because a few metres from the shore there is a steep drop into the sea, which is why children should not be left on their own.

Ses Illetes (Formentera, Spain)

Ses-Illetes-FormenteraSpain is also on this list of pink beaches, although it must be said that the intensity of the pink is not exaggerated at Ses Illetes. The beach in question, the best in Formentera and one of the best in Europe, does not need this attraction to be an internationally known tourist attraction. Its crystal-clear waters and fine sand, mixed with coral dust, attract anyone in the mood for an unforgettable dip.

More information about Ses Illetes: Ses Illetes, a dream corner in Formentera.

Pink Sand Beach (Barbuda)

Pink-Sand-Beach-BarbudaIt is no secret that Pink Sand Beach, Barbuda’s Pink Sand Beach, is one of the most incredible beaches in the Caribbean. Nature and silence are a constant along its 5 kilometres of length. In addition, the coral reefs in the area allow you to enjoy a day of snorkelling and scuba diving, as there are shallow areas that do not require much knowledge, and other deeper areas that are ideal for diving and contemplating the beauty of the seabed.

Horseshoe Bay (Bermuda)

Horseshoe-Bay-BermudaNot too far from Barbuda, in Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay is a mixture of colours that we associate with paradise. The different shades of blue of its waters contrast with the pink of its sand, the result of coral remains and seashells eroded by water and wind. When you get there you will have the sensation of not being in a place lost in the world, as it is quite frequented by tourists and has services such as shops, beach bars, shops selling souvenirs… We could say that it is very focused on tourism, so it does not enjoy the tranquillity of the other beaches on this list.

More information about Horseshoe Bay: Horseshoe Bay, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

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